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The Wallace Collection

With over 50 kitchen ranges on offer there’s sure to be something that suits you and your lifestyle.  We provide Kitchens in various ranges from classical, traditional, contemporary, modern, bespoke, ceramic, painted lacquered, curved, gloss & matt wood veneer and glass. All our Kitchens are designed by our interior designers and manufactured to the highest standards. With such a choice of kitchen designs and the knowledge of our expert team, we are confident we can create your dream kitchen.

The Wallace Kitchen Collection is a archetypal traditional In-frame kitchen – quintessentially British. Crafted from solid Oak, and shown with fine beading detailing and satin chrome butt hinges. Oak is an enduring timber – warm, natural and tactile, yet dependable and fit for all seasons. For further details, availability, design ideas and samples of the Wallace Kitchen Collection, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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