SquareMelon- Siemens Kitchen Appliances

SquareMelon- Siemens Kitchen Appliances

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Siemens home appliances – Future does not start in space but right at your home – the place opening up exciting possibilities. This is enabled by intelligent innovations and proven German engineering in all Siemens appliances. Siemens technologies around connectivity and flexibility are responding to highest expectations and contribute to the metropolitan way of living with architectural aesthetics and a timeless design.

This attitude makes Siemens the number one brand in the German home appliances market and a worldwide market leader. Striving for thrilling opportunities and an experience beyond the ordinary, Siemens would like to invite you to a special journey getting our brand promise alive

SquareMelon’s Featured Kitchen Appliance – Siemens iQ700 Oven Microwave

Introducing the stainless steel Siemens iQ700 oven with a built in microwave, featuring;

  • varioSpeed: reduce cooking times by up to 50%.
  • TFT Touchdisplay: user-friendly menu navigation with good display features.
  • cookControl Plus: guaranteed success for numerous dishes.
  • softMove: gentle opening and closing of the oven door.
  • Featuring activeClean®, the self-cleaning system- At the touch of a button all the deposits from baking, roasting and grilling turn to ash at high temperatures- simply wipe off with a cloth.
  • HotAir Eco –  100 % hot air, 30 % less energy consumed: For everyone who likes to use hot air while saving energy: The Siemens innovation hotAir Eco not only stays as much as 30 % below the maximum allowable energy consumption to achieve an energy efficiency rating of A, but also provides perfect cooking and baking results. Whether you bake frozen pizza, cake or lasagna, hotAir Eco with special temperature control has been systematically optimised for energy-saving baking and roasting with hot air on one level.

This product is now available to view in our SquareMelon showroom.

For further details, availability, design ideas and samples of our Siemens Collection, please do not hesitate to contact us.