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Squaremelon values all its clients, whether its creating a brand new bespoke kitchen/bathroom, interior/exterior architectural design or property management, every project is important to us. We have designed/built Kitchens/Bathrooms in all shapes and sizes all around this beautiful city.  With every area comes its own history, heritage, architectural design, artistry, influences and building design. Buildings can vary in design, size, floor layout, aesthetics and theme. It is vital to take all these aspects in to account when designing your dream Kitchen.

Squaremelon was originally founded in Finchley, North London. Located on the famous Finchley Road, a two minute walk from Finchley Road Underground Station and just in front of the 02 centre. Although our services cover a wide range of areas outside London, we pride our self in our local work. We have categorised our map into four sections, North SQM, East SQM, West SQM and South SQM with our Finchley Showroom as the origin.


East SQM region covers a range of areas east of our Squaremelon Showroom. Area’s such as Belsize Park, Camden, Holloway, Highgate are all covered within our East Region. When carrying out projects in East SQM region, Squaremelon tries to work with local trade, suppliers and specialists as much as possible which is both beneficial for the client and local community.

For more information about our projects in the East SQM region please feel free to contact us.

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